Started in 2016, Madrasana is an attempt to bring classical art in a different setting for both artists and listeners. In the first year we launched¬†“MadRasana – Garden Concerts” where the concert is held in natural settings to give a very intimate environment for the artists and listeners to experience the classical music in the purest form. The audio setup is such that the artists will not sing to any amplification of sound , but will perform based on the sound they hear from performers on stage – this gives a lot more liberty to the artists and the music evolves organically on stage. The listeners however will hear the amplification in a low volume so it is soothing to their senses. The concert typically starts¬†530 PM and goes till 730 PM – the change over from evening sunshine to moonlight adds flavor to the ambiance. The trees have a soft blow of wind and the birds are extra active and join the music for the first 45 mts of the concert.

All concerts are recorded with an attempt to capture this ambiance that not only includes the performance on stage but also that of the nature sounds around. The audio is later released on digital media for purchase. Majority of the profits from these recordings will go to the performing artists.

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