About US

Started in 2016, Madrasana is an attempt to present classical art in an intimate setting to bring the artiste, the art form and the listeners closer to each other to have a better connect.

“MadRasana Garden Concerts” are formats of concerts held in natural open settings.

“MadRasana Stage Concerts” are formats of concerts in an intimate indoor settings.

“MadRasana Unplugged” are professionally produced video and audio recordings specifically for the online digital media where we present just one song per artist with just the artiste and tambura or very minimal elements added so that the art form takes the center stage. We release these songs on our MadRasana Official youtube channel.

About MadRasana Festival 2018

MadRasana Festival will be a one of a kind music festival. We are launching the MadRasana Festival 2018 between Dec 23rd and Dec 27th 2018. We wanted to make sure those who are traveling from outside the city also gets to be part of this. We also realize that most of the rasikas will be busy with other concerts post lunch. Hence all these concerts will be morning concerts between 8:30 AM and 11:30 AM. We also wanted to be near the epi center of the music season and at the same time present to you a venue which has not been used for a carnatic classical concert before. We are thrilled to present this festival in one of the most iconic Theatre – Serene Screen in Sathyam Cinemas in Royapettah. We also want to have a different format for the concerts. We wanted to leverage the Serene screen as well and are excited to be presenting select episodes of MadRasana Unplugged everyday before the start of the live concert. You will be able to enjoy these with full movie experience. If you have not been following our Unplugged series you can watch them HERE. We will also be doing a digital audio launch of the MadRasana Unplugged series. A free copy will be made available for those attending the concerts. We have lined up 5 artistes one on each day . Please check the Events Page for the artiste lineup.

We have the last bunch of invites available. Please click on this link and pick your concert and give the details. You dont have to do anything else. Check the mail for next steps. https://www.instamojo.com/MadRasana/


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