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Started in 2016, Madrasana is an attempt to present classical art in an intimate setting to bring the artiste, the art form and the listeners closer to each other to have a better connect.

“MadRasana Garden Concerts” are formats of concerts held in natural open settings.

“MadRasana Stage Concerts” are formats of concerts in an intimate indoor settings.

“MadRasana Unplugged” are professionally produced video and audio recordings specifically for the online digital media where we present just one song per artist with just the artiste and tambura or very minimal elements added so that the art form takes the center stage. We release these songs on our MadRasana Official youtube channel.

About MadRasana Workout – A New Format Concert

This is one of a kind music recording and listening session. We had sent out a survey earlier in the year about using carnatic music during workouts. We got a lot of response and this is a result of that survey.

We will be recording each of these sessions with different artistes. Each session will have three sets of 45 minute duration. Each set will have a long piece and few shorter kritis. These sessions will be recorded with live audience. We will be having entry tickets for a limited number of people – max of 40.

We heard from those who attended the MadRasana Festival that they loved the Theater environment. We are extending that same ambience to these sessions. The venue is a one of a kind venue very similar to a theater environment – NDC Studio who is co-hosting this event. We believe in small and intimate setting and this one is going even further – we will have no stage and the audience will sit around the artistes. To enhance the listening experience for the first time ever you will have the option of listening to the whole session with your own headphones. Bring your headphones and we will give you output from the console so you can listen what is getting recorded. You can also choose to listen to it over the air with no amplification.

Our next session will be on April 20th and April 21st. April 20th will feature Sriranjani Santhanagopalan . and April 21st will feature a duet – Ashwin Srinivasan on Hindustani Flute and Ramana Balachandhran on Veena. YOu can find the tickets here.

If you want to be informed of future such sessions please fill out this form and we will send you a mail and message. We plan to have at least one every month. These get sold out quite early on as the seating is only 40. But we will send out the mail before we post on social media so you get to the tickets ahead of the general public.

About MadRasana Festival 2018 Audio Launch

We are pleased to announce the audio launch of the first MadRasana Festival album. This album features Ramakrishnan Murthy. He was accompanied by Charumathi Raghuraman on the violin, NC Bharadhwaj of the Mrudangam and KV Goplakrishnan on the Khanjira.

If you are in India we have a few options to purchase the album. You can go to gumroad link by clicking here. If you want to downlaod the album as a zip file and use it in your favorite player then you can go to instamojo by clicking here. ( We recommend this option).

If you are in chennai and you want to have someone come home to collect the payment do fill out the form by clicking here. After collection of payment a mail will be sent with the download link.

If you are outside India then click on this.

If you want to be intimated about future events of MadRasana  through whatsapp please join the admin only group by clicking here from your cellphone.

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