Amritha Murali is amongst the most talented and popular musicians of the current generation. Her exceptional musical instincts have been well nurtured by her parents and Gurus. She has, today, gained much acclaim and recognition within the music fraternity as an extremely gifted, well accomplished and sensitive musician. Amritha’s music has been honed by Vidvan Sri K R Kedaranathan, Vidushi Smt Meera Kedaranathan and Vidushi Smt Rama Ravi. She is currently under the tutelage of Vidvan Sri P.S.Narayanaswamy. She is also adept at playing the violin and has trained under Vidushi Smt.T.Rukmini. Her music showcases the value of classicism that is reflective of a hoary tradition. Endowed with a perfect blend of mellifluous voice, sharp intellect and focus on the aesthetic, Amritha’s performances are marked with erudition and emotion. She has performed for many premier institutions and centers all over India and abroad. She has many awards to her credit and her music has earned the appreciation of the cognoscenti and the lay person alike. She has won numerous awards and prizes as a violin artiste as well. She has performed many a concert with her guru Smt.T.Rukmini and has accompanied on the violin many senior artistes all over the country and abroad.

Amritha is an ‘A’ graded artiste of the All India Radio and Doordarshan. She was granted a fellowship by the Sangeet Natak Academy,New Delhi to learn advanced ragam, tanam and pallavis. She has been an active member and a past Vice- president of YACM, a premier forum for the promotion of classical music amongst the youth. A bright student in academics, Amritha is an alumnus of P S Senior Secondary School and Ethiraj College, Chennai. She holds a Masters degree in Finance Management.